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The DLA Architects, Ltd. THINK [ABOUT ARCHITECTURE] is an opportunity for talented graduating students to demonstrate the role that architecture plays in their lives. The specific purpose of the scholarship is:
  1. to promote an understanding of the built environment and how people interact with it, especially schools;
  2. to foster a genuine interest in the societal value of architecture as an art form and an enhancement to the general quality of life; and
  3. to encourage high school students to pursue higher education, especially in architecture.
  The Illinois Drafting Educators Association is an Illinois not-for-profit professional education organization with a mission of advancing the drafting occupation through better education. This association, founded in 1957, is the only one of its kind in the nation. Faculty who run and participate in this organization do so without pay on a volunteer basis out of dedication to their students and a love for their occupational field. The IDEA Regional & State competitions allow students to compete among other students in various areas such as 2D & 3D Mechanical and Architectural Drafting/Design.
3D CAD Modeling
Student Year
Adam H. *(2) 2017
Colton S. *(2) 2014
Wesley Z. *(2) 2011
 Jeff P. *(1) 2009
 Jerry C. *(2) 2005
Architectural 3D Modeling
Student Year
Jeremy G. *(1) **(3) 2012
 Jeremy G. *(1) 2011
Architectural Board
Student Division
David H. *(2)   2017

Introductory Board
Student Year
 David H. *(2) 2015
Brent R. *(1) 2010
 Vanessa J. *(2) 2004

Introductory CAD
Student Year
 Jesse A. *(2)  2012
Wesley Z. *(2) 2011
Jeremy G. *(1) 2010
 Wesley Z. *(1) 2009
Jeff P. *(2) 2006
 Justin M. *(1) 2005
Machine CAD
Student Year
Jasmin S. *(3) 2018
 Benjamin M. *(2) 2011 
Wesley Z. *(2) 2010
 Jeff P. *(1) 2009
Jeff P. *(3) 2008
Justin M *(2) 2007
Vanessa J. *(3) 2005
*(Place) - Regional Finish & State Qualifier     **(Place) - State Finish
   The challenge allows students from within the MACS region to compete in various events in all areas of Technology. The focus for our students is in the area of Mechanical Engineering Drafting/Design.
Mechanical Drafting - AutoCAD
Student Year
Nate B. (3rd Place) 2017
Matt L. (2nd Place) 2016
Colton S. (1st Place) 2015
Frank W. (3rd Place) 2015
The purpose of creating the Southworks Engineering and Robotics Competition is to provide an opportunity for local and regional manufacturing companies to sponsor and partner with local high schools to develop their individual projects. Thru these projects it details the program awareness within the south suburbs, creates a link between industry and school and helps to promote career readiness and exposure.
Sumo Survivor
Student Team Year
David H. Peter F. Tyler K. Dan T. & Milton V.
(5th Place)