Richards Bulldogs

School Information

Harold L. Richards High School
10601 South Central Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Phone: (708) 499-2550
Fax: (708) 499-5463

School Colors: Gold, Black, and White
Team Name: Bulldogs
Yearbook: The Golden Year
Newspaper: Richards Herald
School Motto: There is Always More to Learn

Our population is approximately 1700 students from Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Calumet Park, and Robbins. Additional information can be found on our School Report Card.

Richards Fight Song
Oh, Richards High
Finest in the land
We're Richards High
Named for the finest man.
Let's go, let's fight
For colors Gold and White
So hustle on to victory
Let's fight team fight!
Give it your all, give it your all
We will ever fight for you
Move it along, move it along, 
On the ball for Richards High!

Mission Statement
By fostering a safe, nurturing and equitable environment, CHSD 218 enables all individuals to thrive in a diverse learning community, rich in opportunity for growth, and to reflect on challenging, real-life problems in a way that inspires them to prepare for the future and to contribute to our evolving world.