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Mr. Reczkiewicz - Design & Engineering Pathway

     The Computer Technology Design area of the Technology & Engineering Education Department offers students background knowledge in various types of technology. These areas include computer-aided engineering drafting (CAD); 2D & 3D, architectural, engineering, mechanical drafting and design; and computer animation. These courses allow students hands-on learning with the latest technologies. Many courses offered for career exploration and both high school and dual college credit at Moraine Valley which can be transferred to a four year college or university. For more general course information, please use the course links to the right.
How to Create Your First Google Classroom - EdTechTeam 2nd Period - Drafting/CAD II - rq3s326
3rd Period - Drafting/CAD I - b2xmgjv
6th Period - Web Design - z2nzg5m
7th Period - Drafting/CAD II - 564blwe
8th Period Drafting/CAD III - vv7jsvd