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⚙️448 Drafting/CAD II

#448 Drafting/CAD II - Architectural/Mechanical Engineering Drafting/Design is an intermediate course in the field of Architectural Engineering CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Course activities provide students with opportunities to study a variety of areas such as drafting standards and techniques, assembly drawings, sectional drawings, engineering drawings, 3D design and complete a set of working architectural drawings. Most drawings will be done on a computer using Autodesk software which can help lead to industry certification. Enrollment and earning a grade of "A" or "B" in #448 Drafting/CAD II - Architectural/Mechanical Engineering Drafting/Design will earn students 3 credit hours for course MDT-101 Introduction to Drafting & 1 credit hour for course MDT-103 Orientation to Mechanical Design Careers at Moraine Valley Community College.