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Dual Credit

   Dual credit allows students to begin their post-secondary engineering & design careers while still in high school, earn college course credit and then move forward
to Moraine Valley or another College or University with college credit. Below are the courses offered and corresponding courses for dual credit in the Engineering Design area of the Technology Engineering Education Department.

H.L. Richards High School Course   Moraine Valley Community College Course

#448 Drafting/CAD II
Architectural/Mechanical Engineering Drafting/Design

AET-101 Orientation to AET* Careers (1)
*(Automation & Engineering Technology)
MDT-101 Introduction to Drafting (3)

#449 Drafting/CAD III
Engineering Drafting and Principles of Design

MDT-145 Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting (3)
MDT-160 Introduction to 3D Modeling & Design (3)