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Driver's Education

Welcome to the Spring semester of 2021! 
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Education Background:
-BA of Exercise Science and Education: Minor in Biology and Physical Education with an Endorsement in Driver Education, Trinity Christian College
-M. ED in Education Technology, American College of Education
-Head Varsity Golf Coach. Visit the Golf Page. 
Here you will find updates in the D.E. department and anything pertaining to Driver Education.
Requirements to qualify for a Drivers License:
- Completed the mandated classroom phase in compliance with Il. State Law
- Completed the 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training at school with an Instructor 
- Completed and filled out the 50 hour Log sheet. Click here in case you need a copy. 
- You have had your Permit for 9 months since the issued date.
Before going to the DMV, Click here to check the status of your permit. Do this to know for sure you are cleared before waiting in line! 
Once all that has been fulfilled, here is what you will need to bring to the DMV:
Note: No Xerox copies will be valid
1. Completed 50 hour practice log sheet
2. Original Permit
3. Original Birth Certificate
4. Original Social Security card
5. Proof of Insurance
6. Proof of Address
7. Good working vehicle with all operating lights
Congratulations and best of luck to all of our students who have completed the Driver Ed program here at HLR and are preparing to take the road test for the Illinois License!
You are key to teaming with us to teach teens safe driving habits. Click here for more info from the National Safety Council.
Here is a great resource for a quick guide to Safe Driving.