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Driver's Education

Are you ready to get your Driver's License?
You must check online prior to going to the DMV. If you are Valid then you can go to the DMV. If invalid, please email your instructor. 
- Did you complete the classroom? Illinois State law, 105 ILCS 5/27-24.2.
- Did you complete the 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training at school with an Instructor?
- Did you complete the 50 hour Log sheet? Click here in case you need a copy. 
- Have you had your permit for 9 months?
Double check by going to this link prior to going to the DMV and typing in your permit number. 
If you're name comes up GREEN...You're good to go!
If you're name comes up RED....See the Driver Education Staff.
Do this to know for sure you are cleared before waiting in line! 
No Xerox copies will be accepted 
1. Completed 50 hour practice log sheet
2. Original Permit
3. Original Birth Certificate
4. Original Social Security card
5. Proof of Insurance
6. Proof of Address
7. Good working vehicle with all operating lights
Congratulations and best of luck to all of our students who have completed the Driver's Education program here at Richards High School!