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Moraine Area Career System

The Moraine Area Career System (MACS) is an Education for Employment (EFE) System created by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Legislature to provide leadership for the state’s career and technical education programs under the Perkins Grant legislative requirements. MACS system personnel provide technical support, assistance, and leadership and serve in a policy advisory capacity to the State Board.

The MACS EFE partnership includes MACS system personnel, Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC), High School Districts  217218220229230, and 231, and twenty-two Elementary DistrictsMACS members work together to establish and maintain quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, ensuring that the programs incorporate the knowledge and skills needed in life as an integral part of academic and CTE programming.  Examples of system activities include –

  • Developing and promoting faculty-to-faculty and program-to-program articulation for advanced placement of CTE students;
  • The provision of in-service programming for staff to further expand the integration of academic and CTE course content;
  • The expansion of business and industry partnership collaborations, to enhance the delivery of career and technical education;
  • Providing technical support, assistance, and leadership for CTE programs while serving as a liaison to the State Board of Education and Illinois Community College Board.
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