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Mr. Wydra

About Me & Class Expectations Video Link:
Loyola University - Master of Arts in Political Science
Concordia University - Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education Social Science, History Major, Psychology Minor
After School Activites:
Assistant Girls' Track Coach (Spring)
Chess Team Coach at Eisenhower (Fall)
Classes Taught and Google Classroom Codes:
2nd Period U.S. History
3rd Period AP U.S. Government & Politics
5th Period AP U.S. Government & Politics
6th Period U.S. History
8th Period U.S. History
Mr. Wydra's re-take policy:
In the spirit of District 218's re-take policy, I believe that all students can and should master the learning objectives for my courses. This does not always mean that every student will master each of the learning goals at the same time and in the same way, hence why re-takes are available to all students who request them. Here are the guidelines for re-taking a test:
1. It must be done before the next Unit Test (about a month)
2. Study guides must be completed and/or redone and checked by me - students may come in before school to go over the study guide with me as well.
3. Test must be re-taken before school or during lunch period using the Testing Center
Here is a link to a Daily Southtown article about current political affairs I contributed to: