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  • Northeastern Illinois University - B.A.
  • Roosevelt University - M.A.
  • Concordia University RF - M.A.
Phone: (708) 499-2550 X5372
Google Voice: (708) 581-8483
3rd Period - Driver Education Core Room 242. Google Classroom Code: svdk43t
4th Period - STEP Senior Room 242. Google Classroom Code: v3gh4ym
5th Period - Workroom/Lunch Room 134. Google Classroom Code: 2bpd53i
6th Period - Modern English Core Room 242  Google Classroom Code: u74bnfm
7th Period - Driver Education Core Room 242  Google Classroom Code: mxduq64
8th Period - STEP Senior Room 242.  Google Classroom Code: wjvzrm2
Retake Policy
Students are able to retake any unit test.  Students should take the time between the first attempt to finish their study guides or homework to better prepare for the assessment.  See me for any missing assignments or help in completing study guides so you will be successful on the second attempt.  When you have better prepared for the assessment, see me to schedule a time to retake the test.  I'm available before and after school and during your lunch period for a retake.  
Driver Education Students
Requirements for a learner's permit:
  • Must be enrolled in a driver education class.
  • Pass the Rules of the Road written exam.
  • Pass the vision test (20/40 vision with or without glasses).
  • A check or money order for $20 made payable to the Sec. of State.
Students will need the following in order to receive a driver's license from the Secretary of State:
  • Pass Driver Education.
  • Pass Behind the Wheel.
  • Complete at least 50 hours of practice driving with your parent and fill out the form.
  • Wait 9 months from the issue date on your permit.
  • Before going to the Secretary of State, check your status.
  • Bring the correct documents to the Secretary of State.
Click here to make sure you are approved before going to the Secretary of State to get your drivers license.  If you are not approved, contact me.