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¡Bienvenidos al club de español!

Welcome to Spanish Club at Richards High School!

The club will offer its members exposure to the Spanish-speaking world and its rich and diverse cultures. Club members will be exposed to music, movies, art, clothing, and let's not forget... food! (subject to change due to pandemic) Above all else, Spanish Club is FUN! This is a social club and is welcoming to any student who wants to join. No need to be a fluent Spanish speaker here! Members should expect to learn, unwind, and to make new friends and memories along the way.  

Students involved in the HLR Spanish Club will be more tolerant of differences regarding race, language, and customs. Being exposed to many exciting new challenges outside the classroom and gaining insightful experiences will help the Spanish Club members compete in our increasingly bilingual nation, as well as throughout our global community.


Semester Goals:

1. Increase cultural awareness/exposure

2. Connect students to community issues

3. Foster a sense of security & community within the club

HLR Spanish Important Information


1st Zoom Meeting of 2nd Semester: January 21st @ 4:00pm

When: Every other Thursday from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Location: Room 136 & Via Zoom

Google Classroom Code: pc6t5n7

Remind Code: @spanish900

Sponsor email: