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Navy Reserve Officers Training Program This is the starting point for anyone wishing to seek an NROTC scholarship. It provides some initial information about the program. Speak to the Senior Naval Science Instructor if you have further questions. Scholarships up to $180,000.00 are available!
NJROTC National Home Page This website provides you with information about the NJROTC program at the national level. It answers many general questions that people have about the program.
Civilian Marksmanship Program Learn about the field and sport of air rifle marksmanship. This site provides a lot of great information and some valuable training tips. Get involved!
United States Naval Academy NJROTC cadets can be nominated to attend the United States Naval Academy by their Naval Science Instructor if they meet minimum requirements. They can also seek nominations from their congressman, senators and the Vice President.
Harold L. Richards NJROTC Facebook Group site This is a group page for Richards NJROTC. It is a members only group site for current or former cadets and parents who may want to keep up on what's going on in NJROTC at Richards High School.