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Ms. Schultz

I am happy to be joining Richards High School this school year 2020-2021 with 20 years of experience from Shepard High School.
-Graduate from Illinois State University with a Bachelors Degree in Learning Disabilities/Emotional Disorders 1999
-Graduate from St. Xaviers University with a Masters Degree in Administration/Supervision 2003
Since I come with many years of experience, the content I taught is endless. Here are some courses:
Connecting to Wellness Team Taught
Health Core 
Biology Team Taught 
Biology Core
Physical Science Core
Freshman Transitions
Access Facilitator
English 1 Team Taught
English1 & 2 Core
Algebra Team Taught
Geography Team Taught 
Grading/Retake policies-grading is followed by CHSD 218 guidelines.
With the Remote Learning in place we are following a different grading policy (until we return to the normal schedule)
40% CUA
40% Other Assessments
20% Homework/Class Assignments
Retaking of CUA's definitely encouraged, but cannot be forced upon students. Each course has different requirements to complete to ensure the material is mastered prior to retaking the assessment. 
Google Classroom Codes (make sure you sign onto your school account)
1st Period CTW with Ksiazek/Schultz
1st Period CTW with Schultz/Schultz
2nd Period Biology with Cummins-            
       gypd5gk               Tresch/Schultz                  
4th Period Biology with Cummins-            
       dsmrgh7               Tresch/Schultz  
6th Period Biology with Cummins-            
       5tyankt               Tresch/Schultz
8th Period CTW with Grabarek/Schultz          
8th Period CTW with Williams/Schultz