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Meaghan O'Shea

The CHSD 218 Guidance Philosophy defines the
role of the school counselor. The Counseling
Department of District 218, recognizing the
7 uniqueness of each individual, helps students reach
their maximum potential by fostering development
of self-awareness, setting long- and short-term
goals, and introducing decision-making and
problem-solving strategies that lead to responsible
life choices.
Each student is assigned a school counselor to help
with the developmental areas of academic
advancement and selection, personal and social
development, and career planning. School
counselors work with students to meet their
personal, social, academic and career needs of all
students whether they are career, vocational or
college bound. Beginning with the four-year plan
in freshman year, students learn how to set short
and long-term goals.

In addition to group dissemination of information
and presentations, individual counseling is
available to all District 218 students. Students have
the opportunity to meet with their school counselor
to analyze their test scores, as well as discuss their
strengths and weaknesses. Parent meetings are held
throughout the year to address the needs of both
parents and students as related to orientation,
academic selection, and college and financial