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Mary Annerino

Meet the Teacher Video Periods 5 & 8 Honors Geography:
Education Background
St. Xavier University - Bachelor of Arts in History
St. Xavier University - Masters in Educational Administration
Instructional Coach & Social Studies Teacher
Classes Taught
Honors Geography Block Periods 2 & 3 (Google Classroom Code: syignkp)
Honors Geography Period 5 (Google Classroom Code: 4utmxm6)
Honors Geography Period 8 (Google Classroom Code: 4p4mrpc)
Grading/Retake Policy
In an effort to support ongoing student learning, students may request the opportunity to retake a course CUA.  Students will be asked to correct errors on the original CUA prior to retaking an alternate version of the assessment. This process is offered in good faith but a parent conference may be requested if the retake process appears to inhibit an individual student's learning.