Richards Bulldogs

Mr. Sheehan

Eastern Illinois University-BS Social Studies
Concordia University-MA Curriculum and Instruction
American College of Education-MA Educational Technology
Current Courses Taught
US History
Retake Policy
Students are allowed to retake any Common Unit Assessment after completing a relearning activity determined by the teacher.  Retakes are expected to be completed before the next Unit Exam.  
Head Football Coach


Mr. Sheehan Class Periods

All Students are enrolled into Google Classroom for each Period.  Please email me if they need the code.
1st Period- Geography Room 252
2nd Period- US History Team Taught-Mr. Scanlan Room 252
3rd Period Workroom
4th Period Team Taught Geography-MR. Ziemba Room 252
5th Period US History Team Taught-MR. Scanlan Room 252
7th Period Team Taught Geography-Mr. Ziemba Room 252