Richards Bulldogs


Mr. Terri's Class Schedule
Period 1 - Biology - Room 177
Period 2 - Biology - Room 179
Period 4 - Biology - Room 177
Period 6 - Honors Anatomy - Room 177
Retake Policy
Retakes will be offered for any assessment in the 40% CUA category of the grade book.  After an assessment is graded, it is returned to the students in class for review and discussion.  At that time, retakes are scheduled to occur before the conclusion of the next Unit CUA.  Relearning plans will vary by unit and student depending on the needs of individual students.  They are intended to allow students additional time to learn content and acquire skills in preparation for the retake assessment.  Students must then take the retake assessment on one of the scheduled days (students are typically given 2-5 days to choose from).  The higher of the assessments scores, original or retake, will be given. 
Below you you will find the link to the August 25th Meet the Teacher Night Video.  Please view this video to get some general info regarding your student's class.