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About Us....

African American Cultural Awareness Club


The mission is to develop students of strong character who will become educated leaders and culturally aware citizens who are ready for life after high-school. The club values the importance of education and will develop, guide and strengthen high school students into achieving academic excellence, encourage participation in the awareness of African American culture and introduce the rich, inspiring history of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). 


African American Cultural Awareness Club, is an ethnic club at Harold L. Richards High School. The club seeks to provide an outlet and environment for peaceful and productive endeavors for all students, regardless of ethnic backgrounds.  However, an emphasis is placed on providing an African American experience  culturally and ethnically.  The club thrives on providing a black enrichment experience, with a focus on academic excellence and leadership, and African American history, culture and traditions.

Club Info:
Sponsors: Mable Hope & Vaughan Talbert
Meeting Dates: Weekly on Wednesdays after school
Where: Room 218
Google Classroom code: wgtxqes