Richards Bulldogs

Gaming Club

Welcome to the HLR Gaming Club! 

We are Richards Gaming Club, In addition to a number of table top games we also have playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and gaming PCs. As of last year have also started our IHSA sanctioned Esports league where our Smash players placed 7th in the State for Smash Crew Battle.  

We hope to see many old and new faces at our meetings! 


Join our club through Google Classroom using code: g4fbjhw


Club Mission:  The HLR Gaming Club is a place for gamers to meet up, make friends, and play their favorite games together. We will also continue participation in IHSA Esports and promote team work and a positive team environment.


Meeting Information:

We will be restarting January 16th we will be meeting every week for gaming club. 

1st Semester Goals:

- Provide a safe and friendly environment to play and explore new and old games, both table top and video games.
- Establish a year to year roster of students to help continue to build the still young Esports program.
2nd Semester Goals:
- Maintain environment for students to get together and relax. Encourage new students to visit and join the established students
- For Esports, our goal this year is to establish a structure in order to prepare students for competitions and establish our distinct teams. 


What is Esports?

Esports or electronic sports is a collection of competitive video games. Through Esports students who don't normally engage with school activities and sports are given an opportunity to engage through something many high schoolers enjoy doing in their free time. Esports give these students a chance to participate in a team environment and learn to communicate with their peers. Esports is also taking off on the college level as well and opportunities for scholarships are starting to pop up!