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Ms. Szewka

Education Background:
University of Loyola Chicago, B.A. 2015
Saint Xavier University, M.A.Ed. 2018
Classes Taught:
Introduction to Art
Drawing and Painting

Retake Policy:

When students receive their graded assignment, they have two weeks to resubmit/revise/rework for an adjusted grade.


 If more time is needed, students will fill out a form answering the following questions:

  •  What should you change and why?
  •  What are teacher suggestions?
  •  What is your time frame?


Both teacher and student must sign the form.


*Student agrees that any extra materials and time are the responsibility of the student.


PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: Students have until the Sunday of that week for any missing practice work to be turned in for full credit. I will not accept any late work after Sunday when I have updated grades UNLESS a student's parent contacts me about the missing work. 


Late Policy:

Any assignments (including sketchbook assignments) /projects that are considered late, due to absence or incomplete work will be a zero until turned in. I am willing to regrade formative and summative assessments if you take extra time outside of class to rework and improve. Practice, planning, participation points will remain a zero if missed.

*Any absences will allow students one extra school day to turn in. All assignments, directions, and tutorials are posted in classroom.

Zoom and Google Expectations:
         Zoom:  Students will have camera and some part of their face showing unless it is a working day and they are working on their artwork on their iPad in which case the camera will not show their faces. If we are working on paper, students are to flip their cameras around to show their work while they are drawing. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Teacher will call on each student to make sure they are on task and doing work. Appropriate language will be used at all times as well to ensure the safety of the learning environment.
        Google Classroom: All assignments are posted at the start of class time and labeled underneath the appropriate week/topic. Students are responsible to looking at the assignments posted and follow along during zoom to understand and learn the material. If any work is missing you can click on that students name and see what has been turned in and what hasn't. 

Art Rules and Expectations

ØBe prepared for class every day. You will always need a Pencil and sketchbook. Your sketchbooks will be used for visual/class notes, project planning, and sketchbook assignments.


ØBe responsible for work missed due to absence.


ØUpload Daily Progress Photos


ØSpend at least 90 minutes on bi weekly sketchbook assignment. (Do not wait until the last minute or day before.)(These will be introduced after our first CUA)


ØWork on sketchbook assignment after completing an assignment or project early.


ØWork with the teacher and other students in a respectful and mature manner. Respect my materials that are given to you. Do not use the materials to draw on yourself, the walls or tables!  Art materials are expensive and it is a privilege to use the materials provided for each project.

Art Supply Remote Learning: 

          Intro to Art - Sketchbook, pencil, pen, sharpener, glue, tape, foam board, popsicle sticks, scissors, stylus,

                              worksheets, and CUA paper

          Drawing and Painting - Sketchbook, pencil, pen, sharpener, scissors, tape, oil pastels, watercolor, 

                              charcoal (black and white), worksheets, and CUA paper.

          Tower - drawing paper, pencil, sharpener, scissors, oil pastels, glue stick, ruler, colored pencils,  

                              construction paper, worksheets.


*Student agrees that any extra materials and time are the responsibility of the student.

Help and Support: 

          Tech email -

          Tech phone - 708-499-2550 EXT. 5855

Course                        Period               Google Classroom Code
Drawing and Painting             period 2                    es4n24s
Intro to Art                               period 3                    czifgpp
Drawing and Painting             period 5                    ge2xyd5 
Tower                                      period 6                    5sdj44r
Drawing and Painting             period 8                    mqrd3li    



phone: 708-584-0722