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Mrs. Bell

Education Background:
University of Loyola Chicago, B.A 2014
North Park University, M.A.T 2016
Classes Taught:
Intro to Art Period 2:n675htx
Intro to Art Period 5: gvm7ngs
Graphic Design Period 3: evcv7o7
Graphic Design Period 7: qaye4eg
Digital Photo Period 8: 76vnhch
Zoom and Google Expectations:
         Zoom:  Students will share their screen on work days so teacher can track progress of each student live. Teacher will call on each student to make sure they are on task and doing work. Appropriate language will be used at all times as well to ensure the safety of the learning environment.
        Google Classroom: All assignments are posted at 8:00AM and labeled underneath the appropriate week. Students are responsible to looking at the assignments posted and follow along during zoom to understand and learn the material. If any work is missing you can click on that students name and see what has been turned in and what hasn't. 
Retake Policy:


CUA's ONLY: When students receive their graded assignment, they have two weeks to resubmit/revise/rework for an adjusted grade.


PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: Students have until the Sunday of that week for any missing practice work to be turned in for full credit. I will not accept any late work after Sunday when I have updated grades UNLESS a students parent contacts me about the missing work. 


Art Supply Remote Learning: 

          Intro to Art - Sketch book, colored pencil, pencil, glue, scissors, stylus

          Graphic Design - Stylus


*Student agrees that any extra materials and time are the responsibility of the student.


Help and Support: 

          Tech email -

          Tech phone - 708-499-2550 EXT. 5855