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AP Richards Summer Sessions

Richards AP Summer Sessions

July 2022

Session:  AP Chemistry Concept Review

Teacher:  Mr. Hayden

Description:  The focus of these sessions will be to review concepts covered in Honors Chemistry, which will help prepare you for our first unit when we return to school in August.

Dates:  July 25-28

Time:  10-12 pm

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Session:  AP Physics

Teacher:  Dr. Caine


Day 1: What is physics?

Day 2: Research design & lab reports

Day 3: Math review (linear algebra, graphing, solving for a variable, significant figures, metrics, trigonometry, and vectors)

Day 4: Putting it all together with a guided online physics lab


Dates:  July 18, 19, 21, & 22


Time:  8-11 am


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Session:  Jumpstart to AP Calculus

Teacher:  Mr. Ayyash

Description:  This 4 day online workshop is a great way to break into AP Calculus. We will be reviewing an assortment of topics ranging from factoring, simplifying rational expressions, logarithms, trigonometry and graphing functions. It's recommended that you have a TI-84+.

Dates: July 25-28  

Time:  9-11 am

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