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Mr. Szczepkowski

Bachelor of Arts, English and History (Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas)
Masters of Arts, Education, Reading Specialist (Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, Illinois)
Classes Taught
English I, Film & Lit
Fall 2023 Schedule
Period.          Class.                   Google Classroom Code
Per 1.            Sports in Literature           fsh2eqw    
Per 2.                                 
Per 3.            English I                            6knsung
Per 4.                                    
Per 5.            Film & Lit                           mis3aiv
Per 6.                                    
Per 7.            Sports in Literature          3dph5sp              
Per 8.            English I - TT                   ffehg5o
Grading/Retake Policies

Grading scales, weights, and categories adhere to the D218 policy.  Grades are entered and updated as soon as reasonably possible on Skyward.  Quiz and test scores (OAs and CUAs) may not be posted until all students (absent or otherwise) have completed their assignments.  Retakes are allowed for Common Unit Assessments, or CUA, (65% category) where there is time for relearning and additional tutoring to occur. As a result, the last unit test in a semester usually does not have a retake. For the student to be eligible for such a retake, they must have shown initial effort in her/his learning.
All redo assignments are at the teacher’s discretion.  Students who fail to submit an original assignment (essay) or commit an act of plagiarism or cheating will not be allowed to retake the CUA.
Essays are the only guaranteed opportunity for revision!  (Title 1 TA)
A reasonable time frame will be established (1-2 weeks).