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Ms. Cruse

De Paul University - BA in Social Science
University of Iowa - MA in US History
National Board Certified Teacher
Current Courses Taught
AP European History
AP US History
Previous Courses Taught
US History
US Government
Retake Policy

Students will be allowed to retake any major unit exam. Students must notify the instructor of intent to retake the exam within 24 hours of receiving the exam grade and must come before or after school to complete test corrections prior to retaking the exam.  All test corrections and re-takes must be completed within 3 days of the test being returned.



Feminism Club



Course                            Class Period                   Google Classroom Code
AP European History.     1st Period                         zycvm7o

AP US History                 2nd Period                      n3b7gqa
AP US History                 4th Period                       7igqndy
AP US History                 5th Period                       2dvi235
AP US History                 7th Period                       hha43fy