Richards Bulldogs


Meet the Teacher
Eastern Illinois University - BSB in Computer Management
American College of Education - MA in Education Technology with a concentration Digital Teaching and Learning
American College of Education - MA in Instructional DesignAdobe Certified Associate Photshop
Current Courses Taught
Computer Concepts
Computer Applications Information Processing
Computer Applications Data Processing
Web Design and Coding
Web Programming and App Development
Retake Policy
Students are allowed to retake any Common Unit Assessment, after completing a relearning activity determined by the teacher.  Retakes are expected to be completed before the next Unit Exam.  Retakes will take place in the testing center or my classroom.
Spring 2023 Class Schedule (w/Google Classroom Code):
Period 1 - Computer Concepts.          wvrite2                                     
Period 2 - PLP               
Period 3 - Computer Concepts.         wghq5kf
Period 4 - Computer Concepts          owgtfuf               
Period 5 - Workroom/Lunch.       
Period 6 - Keybaording.                    jlz5xg5
Period 7 - Computer Concepts          diia5yf             
Period 8 - Professional Period