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Harold L. Richards High School Choir

The HLR Choir Department consists of three curricular choirs (Treble Choir, Concert Choir, and Honors Concert Choir) that meet during the school day and two extracurricular A Cappella Ensembles Vocal Force and Treble In Paradise, which perform a cappella, pop, and jazz music.
Membership in choir is open to all students and no experience is necessary to join.  All you have to have is a love for music and singing!  Students will have the opportunity to sing a variety of styles of music, develop their individual voices, and learn how to read music.  All students in choir perform at concerts and contests throughout the year.
Treble Choir (period 7) is a female-only choir reserved for all first-year choir female students or students who are still working to develop their individual voices. 
Concert Choir (period 3) is a mixed, intermediate-level choir that requires an audition.  All female students must audition to be placed into Concert Choir.  Currently all new male students are placed into this choir regardless of experience. 
Honors Concert Choir (period 5) is the most advanced choir at the school and requires the highest of vocal ability and musicianship.  Students in Honors Choir must audition to be in the group and will receive honors credit for the course.  Auditions occur in March for the following school year.
Voice Lessons: Students can sign-up for a weekly private voice lesson with our voice studio instructor Kathleen Madden.  Students will take the lesson during half of their choir or lunch period once a week. See Mr. Hammann for more information.




  • Wednesday, October 23— Fall Choir Concert, 7:30 PM, Performing Arts Center (PAC)
  • November TBD— Lakeside Choir Festival, Carthage College (Honors field trip)
  • Wed./Thurs., November 6/7 (Date TBD)—Charity of Voices Concert, St. Alberts (Honors only) 
  • Sunday, December 1—Musichorale Concert, 3PM (Honors Choir only)
  • Monday, December 16—Holiday Concert, 7:30 PM, PAC
  • Saturday, February 22—Joliet Choir Competition, Time TBD (Honors Choir only)
  • Wednesday, March 11—Choral Showcase Concert, 7:30 PM, PAC
  • Saturday, April 18—IHSA Organizational Contest, (Time TBD, Honors and Concert Choir only)
  • Wednesday, May 13—Spring Music Concert, 7:30 PM, PAC
  • Thursday, May 21—Graduation (Concert Choir & Honors Choir only)


Selected choirs may be required to attend additional daytime or evening performances.


*All Choirs will be notified of which event they will perform for as soon as possible. 




  • Thursday, August 22—Meet the Teacher Night, 6-8PM
  • Wednesday, August 21 & 28—A Cappella Auditions Practice/Prep Sessions
  • Thursday, September 5—Vocal Force and Treble In Paradise Auditions
  • Tuesday, October 1 —ILMEA All-State Auditions @ Carl Sandburg High School (not required; only applies to those who are auditioning for district and all-state choirs)
  • Saturday, November 16—ILMEA District Jazz Festival (only for students who make it)
  • Saturday, November 23—ILMEA All-District Festival (only for students who make it)
  • December TBD—Fall Voice Recital (required for all voice lesson students)
  • January 29-February 1—ILMEA All-State Festival, Peoria, IL (only for students who make it)
  • February – Musical Auditions (Dates TBD)
  • Saturday, March 7—IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest, Time and Place TBD (required for all voice lesson students)
  • Wednesday, March 4—SSC Choir Festival
  • Friday,April 3—Fine Arts Extravaganza (Date and time TBD; Vocal Force and Treble in Paradise only)
  • May 7-9—Musical Performances, Performing Arts Center (PAC) 7 PM
  • May TBD—Spring Voice Recital