Harold L. Richards High School

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Bienvenidos al club de español

HLR Spanish Club

will offer exposure to the Spanish-speaking world and its rich and diverse cultures.The intent is to be both educational and fun for its members who will look beyond the doors of their own homes and school to touch the lives of others. Students involved in the HLR Spanish Club will be more tolerant of differences regarding race, language, and customs. Being exposed to many exciting new challenges outside the classroom and gaining insightful experiences will help the Spanish Club members compete in our increasingly bilingual nation, as well as throughout our global community.

HLR Spanish Club Schedule



When: Every other Thursday

Time: 3:25-4:15 p.m.

Location: Room 136





  • August 18: general meeting
  • September 1: Piñata
  • September 15: general meeting (Mexican candy tasting)
  • September 29: Salsa y salsa
  • October 10: Field Trip (National Museum of Mexican Art, art walk, restaurant) TBD
  • October 13: general meeting
  • October 27: Día de muertos
  • November 10: general meeting
  • December 1: Film Festival
  • December 15: general meeting