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Mrs. Klix

  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education from Illinois State University
  • Masters in School Guidance and Counseling from Lewis Univeristy
Classes Currently Teaching
  • Algebra 1
  • AP Computer Science A
Grading/Retake Policies
  • Grading scales, weights and categories adhere to the District 218 Grading Scale
  • Grades are updated as soon as possible on Skyward
  • Retakes are allowed for Common Unit Assessments (65% category) where there is time for relearning and additional tutoring to occur. As a result, the last unit test in a semester usually does not have a retake. For the student to be eligible for such a retake, they must have shown initial effort in their learning. If assignments are missing, the student must first complete those assignments to earn the opportunity to retake the unit assessment. Further, any student who doesn’t complete the unit review guide is ineligible for the retake.  Unit review guides are distributed to students several days prior to a unit test and gone over in class before they are collected. Please try your best and be fully prepared when you take the unit exams the first time. Richards offers plenty of tutoring and extra help opportunities. I am available before and after school to help you succeed and do your best!