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Mr. Ferguson

Classes I am teaching (2020-2021) - Biology and Physical Science
Regarding Zoom, students should log in on time each day.  I teach periods 2 (Physical Science starts 10:13AM), 3 (Biology starts 10:57), 5 (Physical Science starts 12:25), 7 (Physical Science starts 1:53), and 8 (Biology starts 2:37).  During Zoom, students should be attentive and willing to participate.  Parents, please do not meet with me when your son or daughter is in class (see times above) - we can have a conversation over the phone or through email (see email address below) 
In regard to assignments, late work will not be accepted once the grade has been entered into Skyward.    
Students who need my assistance may contact me through school email.  There is some tutoring assistance for students that is hosted after school.  I will have to include that information at a later date.  Parents should also contact me through email - it's more efficient for me.  My email address is  If you request a phone conversation I will be able to do that during a free period (periods 4, 6, or after school).  I spend the morning, prior to 10:13, working on or adjusting lesson plans for the day.    
Fall 2020
Period      Class                       Google Classroom Code
2              Physical Science.     dixj64f
3              Biology                      6fkqsyd
5              Physical Science      j2p5k5n
7              Physical Science      oeyoe32
8              Biology                     docrwcx