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Mr. Natonek

B.S. Governors State University - 1988
M.S. Governors State University - 1991
Classes Taught
A.P. Physics 1
A.P. Physics 2
Ecology - Environmental (fall)
Ecology - Biological (spring)
Previous Classes Taught
A.P. Physics B
A.P. Physics C
Honors Physics
Engineering Concepts
Honors Biology
Physical Science
Integrated Science
Integrated Science - team taught
Retake Policy 
Ecology - all CUA's (common unit exams) may be retaken
AP Physics - both levels - Tests are in two parts, the first will be multiple choice and the second will be an FRQ (free response questions).  Multiple choice tests are curved so retakes will not be given.  However, multiple choice tests will be corrected.  FRQ's are eligible for retakes.  The students will review their original FRQ's and be given specific items to study.  Upon completion they will retake the FRQ.
I don't coach anymore.
Previous experience:
     Head Coach - DDE boys' volleyball 2006-2015
     Head Coach - DDE girls' volleyball 2000-2013
     Asst. Coach - DDE boys' volleyball 1992-2005
     Head Coach - DDE Academic Decathlon 1989-2000
     Head Coach - DDE JETS team 1990-1991
     Asst. Coach - DDE Science Olympiad Team 1989-1993