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Permit Application/Permit Test and Fee

 Students in both Groups will complete the Permit Application and take the Permit Test on-line with their instructor on Wednesday August 26th.   Times will be discussed during Zoom sessions and posted to Google Classroom. 
Also, students will have to bring in a check or Money Order for $20 payable to the "Secretary of State" (NO Cash) in order to be eligible to receive a permit from the state of Illinois.  This fee pays for the student's Permit and First Driver's License upon completion of the course.  This fee can be brought in on Vision Testing day which is To Be Determined. The Permit application also must be signed by a parent/guardian for the student to be able to receive a permit from the state of Illinois.  This form will be printed out can also be signed on Vision Testing day.

Retake Policy

Students may retake a CUA upon discussion with the instructor.  A re-teaching/re-learning plan will need to be completed before the retake can be given.  Students must also request and complete the plan before the next CUA is given.  If you have any question please contact the instructor.

Syllabus and BTW Contract

 Students will receive a class syllabus and a Behind the Wheel contract on Monday August 19th.  Students and parents are to sign both the syllabus and BTW contract and return it to the instructor.  Students will not be assigned a Behind the Wheel instructor until these 2 forms are signed and returned.