Student of the Month

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for November 2019!

Ahmed Awd - Nominated by Ms. Hussein  - Ahmed deserves this nomination for his genuine willingness to be the best that he can be at outshining. Ahmed works really hard to get perfect scores on his work, even CUA's. Ahmed is focused, determined and turns in assignments perfectly completed. Keep up the amazing work :)


Emily Cook - Nominated by Mrs. Mesaf - Since the first day of class Emily actively participates and puts in 100% effort.  She is a group leader and is always willing to help her pears.  She is an exemplary and respectful student!!


Lucas Fahey - Nominated by Chief Reynolds - Lucas works to the best of his ability and practices excellence in both academics and physical fitness. He currently has a 95% in JROTC and quietly sets a positive example for others to follow. In addition, he is on-time and prepared for class each and every day.


Kathleen Fraider - Nominated by Mrs. Mesaf - At the beginning of the year Katie was more to herself and seemed to be having a difficult time speaking up in class and in a small group.  As time went on Katie has built up a lot of confidence in exhibiting her prior knowledge and wisdom in class tasks.  I am really proud of Katie coming out of her shell and sharing her knowledge with her classmates.  I believe she will be a great success in years to come!!!


Charles Haltom - Nominated by Ms. McNeela - Mr. Haltom recognized signs of seizure in one of his friends during lunch. He quickly took initiative and told security what he observed. His friend was taken to the nurse's office where seizure was confirmed. Mr. Haltom reported to the nurse's office to inform nurses what he observed. The information that he reported is extremely helpful in the ongoing care of his friend. I believe that Mr. Haltom is worthy of November's student of the month for acting quick and taking the correct steps to help a friend in need.


Chelsea Moody - Nominated by Mrs. Morford - I am nominating Chelsea because she works so incredibly hard in Spanish. I have seen a lot of growth and improvement from her and she never gives up. I am proud of her and her work ethic in my class and greatly appreciate her positivity and humor. She has a lot of light she brings to Spanish 2.


Edmundo Lara - Nominated by Mrs. Kendryna - Edmundo is a student every teacher wants in their class.  He tries hard every day, helps his classmates, and he brightens my day with his positive attitude towards learning.


Mariam Mohammad - Nominated by Ms. Othman - Mariam is such a wonderful student to have in class. She asks tons of questions and is a very hard worker. She is definitely here to learn.


Anthony Perry - Nominated by Mr. Perch - Student is Always: Dressed, Punctual, Kind, Motivated, Positive, Prepared for class, Helpful, Energetic, Gives 100% and goes above and beyond to make the class period flow well.


Miranda Smith - Nominated by Mr. Fansler - Miranda has been a fantastic band member and student this season. She shows great pride in making every band student feel welcome at Richards, and has gone out of her way multiple times to comfort  and support students going through tough times in the month of November. Miranda is a member of Performance Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band at Richards. Miranda is an excellent example of an involved and compassionate student and should be heavily considered for Student of the Month.


Breanna Swann - Nominated by Mrs. Reczkiewicz - Breanna has been an absolute joy to have in my Child Development class as a second year Independent Study student.  She goes above and beyond with her classroom activities and preschool responsibilities. She steps into the role of a mentor and helps other students often times without even being asked, she is a positive role model.  She regular helps with classroom set up, room clean up and preschool preparation.  She interacts wonderfully with the preschoolers and acts as a great role model for them as well.  Her preschool lessons are always well thought out and developmentally appropriate for our 3 and 4 year old children.