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Richards High School College Application Process

Applications are submitted online through the college's website or through an online service like the Common Application, Coalition Application or University Application. Go to the college's website to learn about its specific procedure. Once you have completed all your portions of the online application, go to the Richards Counseling Website and click on the Transcript tab to request your transcript be sent to the university via Parchment. 

Along with Naviance, you can visit the following websites to help with your college search:
Excellent website about the 12 Illinois Public Universities:
Many applications are made available on August 1st of senior year. Students are responsible for knowing their selected colleges' deadlines; which can be located on the college’s website. Keep in mind that many schools have a priority deadline (around November 1st) and a regular decision deadline. It is strongly recommended to complete applications by the priority deadline because many colleges issue the majority of their acceptance to those students. In addition, more scholarships are awarded to students who meet the priority deadline. If a school offers Rolling Admissions (no specific deadline), it is still encouraged to submit the application early so to increase acceptance and scholarship opportunities. Upon acceptance, seniors have until May 1st to officially commit to a college. However, they can accept or deny admissions at any time they choose.

Some, but not all, 4-year colleges and universities will require one or more letters of recommendation as part of the application. You must log into your Naviance account and complete the Request for Letter of Recommendation form.  It asks for you to report your GPA, Class rank, SAT/ACT scores, potential college major/minor, names of the schools to which you are applying, a list of your activities, community service, employment, awards, and accomplishments. It also asks you to provide some personal qualities, experiences and future goals.

After a student completes college application(s), he/she  must then request a transcript be sent to each college by creating an account through the electronic portal Parchment. This is located under the “Transcripts” tab. Simply create an account and identify the College(s) you wish to send your transcripts. There is no limit and no charge to send transcripts until August 1st. After that there will be a small charge of $3-$5.

Here are links to YouTube videos giving instructions:


It is your responsibility to see that the appropriate ACT and/or SAT scores are sent to colleges. If you did not code your selected colleges at the time you registered for the tests, you must request an additional score report be sent. Many colleges allow the test scores to come from the transcript, but some colleges require official test scores come directly from the testing agency. Visit to request ACT scores and to request SAT scores. Allow several weeks for colleges to receive the score reports. Each ACT report will cost $12.00. Each SAT report will cost $11.25. 

Financial aid & Scholarships
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is available on October 1st. Merit Based Scholarships varies from each college and is typically based on the student’s GPA and/or SAT/ACT scores. Students should be sure to meet priority filing period deadlines to qualify for these university-based scholarships.

Students are also encouraged to do the following:


  •       Research and apply for possible supplemental scholarships on college of choice’s website.
  • Complete the D218 Universal Scholarship Application available on the Counseling website
  • Research local, regional and national scholarships and meet deadlines. More information and resources available under the Scholarships tab. Never pay a fee!  Some helpful websites are below:

Keep in mind that volunteer hours are often helpful in qualifying for local, regional and national scholarships.






Please review the attached Power Point for additional College Planning, Financial Aid & Scholarship Information.