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Kevin Lee

Hi, my name is Mr. Lee and I teach digital media production and advanced media. If you love good movies, TV shows, and/or YouTube this class is for you. Learn how to direct, write, and produce the next great films and media your community and the world at large is yearning for.
I'm also a White Sox fan and hold nothing against Cubs fans - even though the South Siders are way cooler. :)
Office Hours: Wednesday: Digital Media - 2-2:40 ; Advanced - 2:45-3:15. Drop in, hang out, but come with at least one specific question if you are lost. :)
Google Classroom codes:
Digital Media 5th Period - fvlzoan
Advanced Media 6th Period - s3hnufk
Digital Media 8th Period - vqj5rw7
University of Iowa - BBA '11
Harvard University - MEd '14